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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

In days of old when knights were bold, there lived a hero who wasn't afraid of anything (even the Ed's scathing tongue). Good job, too, 'cause his job's to rescue the lair Princess Lalena from the clutches of the evil Dark Lord (courtesy Crap Names Inc).

Four levels filled with very unfriendly minions stand between our boy and the object of his search. In each level find three parts of a Moontorc (a piece of Celtic jewellery worn round the neck) to present to the Tollman, giving access to the next section.

As your character leaps from screen to screen, he's attacked without mercy (she's at home with flu). Lucky for him he carries a few weapons about his person, including magic spells, axes, shields and a sword. All weapons bar the sword are limited; icons stretched across the status panel inform the player which objects they hold.

Extra items can be bought from shops (provided you have enough dosh); chests full of gold can be found to till the coffers.

Very often the character's progress is blocked by different coloured doors. But fear not because colour-coded keys can be purchased to unlock the obstructions (put that axe down, Lucy). Good luck, brave hero, Princess Lalena awaits.

I must admit I approached Moontorc with a sense of dread. From the screenshots on the packaging, it looks like a Stormlord rip-off.

Happily, Moontorc is a rather spiffy game, especially the small but colourful, nicely detailed backgrounds. Although short in stature, the hero's a mean-looking dude, and needs to be with the task that lies ahead. Moontorc is well worth the measly price tag.

MARK … 85%



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Look at the size of that mushroom, you could make soup for the multitude with that!

Hello Mr Wizard. Let me in for a quick half!