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Severn Software
Mike Howard
Adventure: Dungeon Crawl
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Severn, 16K £4.95
The Mines of Moria are the ancient home of Durin's folk from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Long deserted, the mines contain old hoards of jewels and gold, guarded by the ancient and evil terrors of earlier ages. You're inside - the problem is getting out alive. Monsters include Trolls, Orcs, Balrogs or Wargs. Doors can be opened by force spells or bribery of the door wards. Spells can be bargained for from wizards, and traders sell you wound ointment. Control is by the cursor keys, you can go up and down or use a warp which transports to other locations on a random floor. Watch out for the two-part load. The game itself is a mix. The screen shows you a plan of the floor with a list which lets you know the level you are on and room number occupied, weaponry and armorial status, number of wounds, strength, gold collected, jewels collected and spells available. A line at the bottom informs you of what's going on and asks whether or not to fight on meeting monsters. Room visited are plotted on the map, showing monsters encountered. It becomes difficult to manoeuvre after a while. A reasonable game.