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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

Better by far from the budget chappies is Moron, not from outer space but from Atlantis also £1.99. Can you teleport aboard a Moron spaceship, find the three missing Pillars of Time and teleport back to earth again? You've a RAMSAVE facility to help you, graphics (which are generally good) can be on or off, and even the HELP command occasionally works. Once you've activated the teleport and reached the ship's flight deck, you find a variety of coloured buttons, that perform different functions... Okay, so one of them's bound to self-destruct the ship, but with RAMSAVE that's not too annoying. The ship itself has three levels, each of them fairly large, and as your oxygen and torch batteries don't last very long you have to make sure you locate the replacements for each as you explore. Finding the fuse to fix the lighting system would help as well. You'll encounter friendly robots and cuddly droids, also not-so-cuddly wolves, though goodness knows how they got on board. No matter, the whole thing give you plenty of exploring and plenty of fun.