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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Gary Rook
Chris Bourne

Morons is a budget adventure game well worth the few pence it costs. This isn't to say it's a great game - it's not - but it is good value for money.

The plot, as you would expect, it's all pretty moronic. A race of space-going idiots have secreted the Three Pillars of Time - Past, Present and Future (naturally) - in their spaceship, which is now in a parking orbit around Earth. Being not overly endowed with the old grey matter, they've managed to forget where they have been hidden.

Your job, and you have chosen to accept it, is to find the Three Pillars of Time, and return to Earth.

It's not as easy as it might sound, though. You only have limited oxygen for your space suit, and batteries for your torch. Spare tanks and batteries are located at various points throughout the ship, but if you run out of either, tough.

What's more, the crew of the good ship whatever-it's-called have filled it with a collection of pets. If you're not careful, said pets will enjoy having you for dinner.

Plus, of course, there are various puzzles and challenges spread liberally throughout the ship. These need to be solved or avoided.

Moron has no pretensions. It's a straightforward adventure with reasonable but not stunning graphics. The puzzles seem to be fairly tough, but we're not talking Infocom or Level 9 here. If you can accept the slight oddball mixture of science fiction, fantasy and the commonplace, then you should have a good time.

Label: Atlantis
Price: £1.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Reviewer: Gary Rook


Cheap and cheerful. Worth it even if the challenge is more in its race against time than in the adventure puzzles.