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Automata UK Ltd
Stephen N. Curtis
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Automata, 16K £6.00 (1)
Author: S Curtis
Automata aren't noted for bringing out arcade games, but true to the company's mad hatter image, Morris is loopy and original. It's also a very good arcade game. Morris (a car) is shut in a nightmarish concrete multi-storey car park with several ramps connected by two creaky lifts. The car park is full of hazards like tyre clamps, tin tacks, parking fees and carbon monoxide fumes, all of which make Morris feel very sick. Worst of all are the kamikaze bikers of the title, who roar around the place. Morris has a weapon - a magic horn. You must make him travel the car park to collect enough coins to be able to get through the exit barrier. Unpaid-for exits result in sudden death. Should you succeed there are eight more car parks, each worse than the other. A dubious bonus is the hit single 'Leader of the Pac' on the reverse side of the tape by Lady Sinclive and Pimen. User-defined control keys, joystick: Kempston or AGF & Protek via user-defined cursors. A good game with an overall CRASH rating of 74%.