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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

A real oddity here. On first glance it's a dodo - dead from the neck up. Once again, we're off on a bicycle race across the nastiest conceivable terrain with the naffest possible bike. Good idea? I'd prefer to take a bus myself, but then there aren't many Four Stops On The No. 17 Simulators and I can think of a good few reasons why not. MBR, meanwhile, shapes up like a loser - it's not amazingly fast, its graphics are dullsville, and the gameplay seems mundane to say the least. But... but... well, it's just got to be butter.

The trick lies in working how to take every new bit of terrain. Some need to be attacked at high speed. Others, not appreciably smaller, need to be approached at the speed of a tortoise on Night Nurse. There's no real sense to it, and to be honest it has as much relation to real life as I do to Jeremy Beadle. But there's something about this game nonetheless. Not, of course, that originality rears its beautiful bonce anywhere hereabouts. Good Lord no. MBR is older than Mike Gerrard and twice as bearded. No matter - there's something curiously addictive about this simple little game, and I suspect that many Spec-chums will enjoy it.