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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


THE LORDS of Ket rule a strife-torn land where magic and mayhem are normal. Raiders from the east sweep in and devastate the countryside, spurred by the villainous priest-king Vran Verusbel, arch-mage of the cult of Mad Monks, and by the beautiful though utterly evil priestess Delphia.

You know little of that as you languish on Death Row awaiting execution for a crime you did not commit. Suddenly, on the eve of your demise you are summoned before the Lords who give you a stark choice - die tomorrow or travel east through the perilous Mountains of Ket. Your mission is to destroy Vran and Delphia and thus end the troublesome raiding. Of course you accept but, in case you were thinking of running away, the lords have placed a magic assassin bug call Edgar on your neck to ensure loyalty to the cause.

That is the setting for Mountains of Ket by Incentive Software, billed as the first in a trilogy of interlinking but independent adventures. Mountains of Ket is a text-only game which features combat, creature interaction and a monetary system. Your prowess, energy and luck determine your likelihood of surviving in combat and it is wisest to steer clear of fights wherever possible. You do not begin as a very expert swordsman and you will get further by cunning and commonsense than by chopping away at even creature you bump into, and once you get into the mysterious mountain there are many unpleasant characters roaming the caverns.

As in The Hobbit, your score is calculated on a percentage basis and there is a save-game facility. The creature interaction is somewhat limited, however, and talking to the characters can be difficult. Edgar will not give you much help if you are being lazy but has useful suggestions at crucial points.

You would be wise to keep a map as you progress; the path is long and there are many perils as well as rewards in the form of treasure, false beards, magic wands and the like. Mountains of Ket is a stimulating adventure which will keep you busy for some time.

Memory: 48K
Price: £5.50