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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Mountains of Ket is the first part of the Ket Trilogy. Each adventure is complete in itself, although one follows on from the other. The next two parts are to be released later.

Just two weeks ago you were framed with a murder and sentenced to death, but pardoned as long as you undertook a dangerous mission. To ensure your loyalty a magic assassin bug has been implanted in your neck which will kill you at the first sign of doing a bunk. It's call- Edgar (or Spectrum to you)! Your mission is to reach the far side of the mountains alive and to do this you must locate the secret entrance at the base of the Mountains of Ket. These lie a short horse ride east of the small village. Naturally, lots have gone before, but none have ever returned.


'This is a text adventure, where your constant companion, the implanted killer bug Edgar, is none other than your favourite Spectrum. So all the descriptions come couched in terms of 'we, us'. If you daily too long, Edgar will get impatient and tick you off. The problems are traditional in as much as the village and its inhabitants can provide you with essential equipment, such as weapons, food and a horse. The initial problems are to discover how to get them to part with all this gear. I managed to buy an axe from a shopkeeper, but when I wanted the lamp there was no money left, so I tried using the axe! Adventure characters seem to have got very used to the bloodthirsty ways of Spectrum users who wander into their lives - this shopkeeper was more than ready for me! The statistics told me the sad story - my prowess and energy levels were all less than his and whereas my luck level was high his said 'not applicable' which I thought sounded very ominous! He won.'

'The text is all nicely laid out and the program has what seems to be a reasonably large vocabulary. Entries are processed instantly, so there's no waiting about. If you get into a fight the statistics appear at the top telling you your chances of winning, and the text is very lively in describing the blows, offering you fast options on continuing or running. Otherwise it continues round by round until one of you runs or snuffs it. I haven't got all that far yet, but there certainly seems to be a large number of locations contained in the program. A map helps. This is certainly one to ponder over and come back to. It can be saved fortunately so you can cogitate in bed at night. Looks like more sleepless nights!'