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Tina Billett
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Mrs Mopp has two differences to the usual, it 's written by a woman, and it's original in concept - at least' as fares computer games go. if you're a housewife it's a plain old kitchen sink drama!

Mrs Mopp 's family is one of the messiest in the world, and even that's being kind to them. They litter cups, clothes, dust and lord knows what else all over the floor. Moppsie herself has five utensils to help her in the task, two types of basket, a dustpan and brush and two different trays. Each is colour coded and can only be used to clean up or collect specific items. The blue cups, for instance, may only be collected on the blue tray and the pale green clothes in the pale green basket.

There's also a washing machine, a sink and a dustbin. When she's collected enough cups you must take her to the sink where you see the cups being washed, likewise for dust and washing.

Collecting a utensil is done by moving up to it, rather as you did in Pssst. Mrs Mopps then changes from black to the colour of the utensil. As she moves over objects elligible to be collected, she picks them up. When overloaded she begins flashing and you must get her to the correct appliance.

Depositing a utensil is done by sliding up to its empty slot.

Like any hard working housewife, Mrs Mopp likes a little tipple. In fact there's a bottle and glass in the top left hand corner. If you take her up there you mustn't let her stay too long or she gets tipsy and then drunk, whereupon she jitters all over the place uncontrollably.

When the mess gets too much ' and movement becomes impossible, Mrs. Mopp gives up and reaves home. End of game!


'I had a tape error on my copy. The track seemd out of line and made it hard to load. But after that I got some well presented instruction. A good game and very playable. '

'Mrs Mopp seems to have a fund of magic spells to use when all is lost, but all l ever got, was 'Sorry, right out of spells!'. Which just goes to show that elbow grease is the only way. At the rate which the muck accumulates this is not easy to play. The graphics are good, compiled with the PSS compiler I noticed. Fairly addictive.'

' Not a game for the squeamish. I'm glad I'm not a housewife if this is what it ' s really like. It's reminiscent of Ultimate', Pssst, and has the same panicky quality about it. But in Mrs Mopp 's life no flowers bloom. I'm afraid I never beat Mrs B's score (the authoress I presume), so I'll go back to throwing rubbish on the floor rather than cleaning it up.'

Keyboard pdsltlons: well placed, A/Z up/down, N/M left/right and S for Spells.
Joystick option: Kempston
Keyboard ,play: responsive and 8-directional
Use of colour: good
Graphics: good, well compiled
Sound: fairly good
Skill levels: unknown, but several
Lives: 1
General Rating: Good.


Screenshot Text

MRS MOPP could do with a tipple - she's all worn out and about to leave home.