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Tina Billett
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Mrs. Mopp takes a second bow in the pages of CRASH as we reviewed it in our very first issue when it was originally marketed under Cornputasolve at the price of £5.50.

As re-released by Atlantis nothing has changed in the program and so our review in February still stands. But for those who never saw the issue, here is a brief summary.

Mrs. Mopp's family is one of the messiest in the world -they litter cups clothes, dust and lord knows what else all over her kitchen. Moppsie has five utensils to help her in the task of cleaning up, two types of basket, a dustpan and brush and two trays. Each utensil is colour coded and can only be used to dear up specific items. The blue cups, for instance, may only be collected on the blue tray and the pale green clothes In the pale green basket. There's also a washing machine, a sink and dustbin. Each utensil will only hold so much and must be emptied periodically into the appropriate appliance. She can only hold one utensil a time and these are stored on shelves to either side. Litter starts appearing all over the place as soon as each game commenses, and as she cannot move past or over an object unless carrying the specific utensil for collecting it, the moveable floor space quickly becomes very restricted. When life becomes too unbearable there is a bottle of tipple to help restore her spirits, but beware of taking too much.

The reviewers comments added up to Mrs. Mopp being a good game, original in concept, medium addictive and very playable. The value for money at the time was given as 71% and obviously at £1.99 that is considerably increased, although it should be said that since its release, the standards of software have risen somewhat, which modifies its increase in value.


Control keys: A/Z up/down, N/M left/right and S for spells
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: sensible positions, 8-directional, responsive
Use of colour: good
Graphics: good, well compiled
Sound: fairly good
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 1
General Rating: Good.


Screenshot Text

Mrs. Mopp stars in her own vehicle as the house proud Haus Frau, a stirring computer game of everyday mess.