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Ocean Software Ltd
Paul Owens
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


MR WIMPY for the 48K Spectrum is an unusual product in more ways than one. Commissioned by Wimpy international, it is billed as the first British computer game to feature a promotional character, complete with company logo and advertising jingle.

Mr Wimpy manages to be an entertaining game in its own right. It has eight levels of difficulty and the first screen entails guiding Mr Wimpy across the screen with his tray to collect the ingredients he needs to make his hamburgers.

On his way, he has to avoid manholes which engulf him and the burger thief who darts about intent on upsetting his tray, compelling him each time to return to the start and collect another one. If he manages to assemble his ingredients, the next level brings out the kitchen rebels in the form of Oggy Egg and Syd Sos.

The game can be played with a joystick and if you are using the keyboard you are unlikely to be able to match the speed of most hamburger restaurants in taking food to the table. The action is extremely fast and steering Mr Wimpy across the screen and back again without mishap is a feat possible for only the very expert player.

Mr Wimpy is produced by Ocean Software, Ralli Building, Stanley Street, Manchester M3 5FD, and costs £5.90.

Not Rated