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MC Lothlorien Ltd
Dave Stevens
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Robert Ledbury, Johnathan Norman, George Price
Chris Bourne

As a distant cousin of Nefertiti, you have spent several peaceful milleniums in your pyramid - until, that is, you were woken by Mad Clive who is an archeologist. Now you must find the 25 magic cartouches explaining the ritual for your burial.

George: Because of its originality it takes quite a while to work out exactly what's happening. It's not a compulsive game, but quite playable, nevertheless. HIT

Johnathan: Graphics and colour are used moderately well, and the action is fast. But these don't help make the game more addictive. MISS

Robert: It's a very difficult game to play, especially for the inexperienced person. However, veterans will probably love it and have no difficulty. Overall, a good game. HIT