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Again Again
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Steve Mahoney
Chris Bourne

Again Again .. Don't worry, you have not found the SU pervy page. Again Again is a new spiffy software house whose first release is a game based on the dead (har har) good cast of the Munsters.

In case anybody doesn't know, the Munsters are a bunch of 'normal' people; Herman is a version of Frankenstein's monster, Lilly is the mortician like daughter of grandpa the vampire. Lastly there's Lilly's son Eddie according to the information we received is just a crazy mixed up kid (aren't we all?). Anyway, if you still want to know more, watch the flippin' programme.

Of corpse (chuckle) the idea is a good one for a computer game, but after a couple of games, I was plagued with boredom and close to smashing the computer to bits in a fit of frustration. The deadly dull (guffaw) problem is that the whole thing is just too hard to play; you only have a weak weapon and the ghosts get you sooooooo quickly that you'll probably be dying (waaahh ha ahgh haaa!) to load something else.

Graphically The Munsters is okay, the main characters that you move are big, funny and look like the people (if you can call them people) from the TV show.

Sound is only a ghost (haBARF! SHUT UP! - GT) on the 48K, but there is a sort of rendition of the theme music all the way through the game on the 128.

Considering the difficulty of The Munsters, you'll have to spend a good few hours playing it before you get anywhere (unless you are hypermegagameplayerfrom beyondtimeandspace) and I think you'll probably have to have grave (I can't laugh, I'll Barf again) determination to get anywhere. I think that A.A. probably wanted to produce a game which would test any gameplayer's skill, but The Munsters is teethgrindingly hard.

If you're one of those 'Oh I never miss an episode, it's just soo great' sort of people, you'll probably enjoy The Munsters for its tie-in value, but otherwise, guys-n-ghouls (yes I know that one was bad) it's not worth raising the money to buy it.

Label: Again Again
Author: In-house
Price: £9.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Steve Mahoney

OKay-ish game, but hellishly difficult.