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Mirrorsoft Ltd
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

Up till now, Mirrorsoft has made quite a name for itself with its educational software. (Troubleshootin' Pete's still trying to master the Mister Men game! Ed.). But here's a new departure, an adventure game and a pretty good one at that.

You play Stephen the Blacksmith who's been chosen by his fellow villagers to go into the castle of the evil wizard. His task, once there, is to recover the five treasures that'll allow the wedding of the fair Princess Zeraphone to go ahead. For, according to local legend, the marriage will be cursed without them. They're obviously a jolly lot, the local folk.

The game makes a special feature of its 'walk-thru' graphics. And what are they, you ask? Well, basically they consist of a fairly normal screen picture covering part of the screen that scrolls in the direction you travel. The piccies are reasonable, if a little 'blocky'.

Watch out too for a couple of other unusual features of the game. There's a joystick option - for entering direction commands - and a randomising feature. Choose this and all the objects appear in different places in each game.

Ashkeron is well up to Mirrorsoft's usual standards and buried within it are some tricky problems waiting to be solved. So, if you're just hanging around street corners waiting to rescue another princess in distress, you'll be pleased to know this game gets my royal assent.

Not Rated

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Disguise yourself as a pantomime cart-horse and you're away! At least the nosebag will stop you chomping at the bit while you wait to get in!