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David Gordon
Utility: Music
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Adrian Wagner, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

This program comes neatly packaged with a helpful index card; the instructions have been well-written and are very easy to follow. Unlike some of the other packages in this review, the programmer obviously has some knowledge of music - which I do feel is important!

The screen has been quite well laid out; the only problem here being that it displays only one bar at a time while you're inputting notes. Staying with the process of writing your tune on-screen, the program won't allow you to delete more than one note back - and even then, it has to be in the same bar. This means that if you do make an error, you've got no choice but to start all over again. On playback, it first prints the notes on the screen in non-real time and then plays them back in real time.

Music Maker allows you to add to the existing melody and store it on to cassette for later use; if you possess a printer, you can also obtain a hard copy and alter the speed of the playback.

Overall, this program's pretty good - but it should have included a suitable editing facility.


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This is a good program, although slightly overshadowed by the standards of Music Typewriter and Spectune. The graphics have been quite well designed and the package is very easy to understand - but if you want to type in tunes of any length, then tedium soon sets in. Although the screens seem very 'busy' to begin with, the control keys are kept to a minimum to stop things getting too confusing. This program would be of most use to the musical novice (unfamiliar with the piano keyboard) who's keen to type sheet music into the Speccy. 3/5 Peter Shaw