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Music Soft
Utility: Music
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Adrian Wagner, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

This package contains a very fast and easy-to-use non-real time sequencer that can process up to 16 tunes in memory. The writing and editing facilities are slightly easier to use than on Spectune, but then they're also musically more precise. You're even able to use complex timings like triplets and staccato notes with this package.

But the exceptional part has got to be the notation - it has to be seen to be believed! The way Music Typewriter prints up musical notation on-screen puts many expensive professional computer music systems to shame. The notes are tied together when necessary and, when in play mode, the music's printed out as the piece is played. The accuracy, even at fast speeds, is astonishingly good.

The program contains three pages of menu: Page 0 provides facilities to play, repeat, write, edit, and print; Page 1 changes key signatures, time signatures and tempo: and Page 2 catalogues the tunes with their respective titles and length.

The supplied manual comes complete with a keyboard overlay - which does help when you're playing the Spectrum as a musical keyboard. It would have been nice to see a demonstration program (like the one in Spectune), but you pays your money and you takes your choice. For me, though, the advanced musical notation definitely gives this one the edge.


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This is certainly one of the most professional music editors I've seen! Out of the live packages here, Music Typewriter sports the best musical notation (the graphics are excellent!) and speed, plus a very easy-to-use editor that incorporates a full error-check of the length of each bar. It also comes with a keyboard overlay - which isn't much use it you've got a replacement keyboard or a Speccy+, but it's a nice thought. 4/5 Peter Shaw