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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Andy Hutchinson
Chris Bourne

I've always been a fan of legends. There are some really brilliant ones, like the Loch Ness monster, the Trojan horse, the British Summer and (lest we forget) the amazing legend of the Interesting Politicians. The great thing is that we'll never know if they're true or not, which means that people can carry on churning out books about them and writing features in Sunday supplements. Legends are like that.

Myth, on the other paw is no legend. It's a corking game which the Amiga convert (and latter day traitor) Matt Bielby first reviewed in January 1990. He gave it a rather ebullient 95° and a chorus of hurrahs. And do you know? He wasn't wrong.

What we've got here is a platform game with style, panache (not by Lentheric) and gorgeous animation. The idea is to wander around a Faustian (look it up) netherworld populated by sword-fighting skeletons and corpses on gibbets in a landscape of gushing volcanoes and lava pits. If you think that it all sounds a bit grim, well you'd be right. Your little chappy has some nifty weapons at his disposal. These can be found by kicking open chests and vases. Fireballs, tridents, doves(?!), skulls and bolts are all waiting to be revealed, each with its own peculiar effects. F'rinstance, the fireballs will deal with skeletons and hanging corpses while you'll need a trident to stuff the hydra.

Actually finding your way around a particular level isn't particularly hard, but figuring out what to do when you get there might be. Some of the innocuous items you pick up on your travels have to be used in a particular way at one particular point of a level, so it's wise not to waste your armoury on soft creatures.

What really sets this game apart from the pack is the superb animation. This game makes Prince Of Persia look bad and it's three years older than that game. Everything about the game tells you that the programmers paid attention to detail. This is a playable slayable fable of mighty proportions. Most considerable!


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The Yurb

Half-man, half-aardvark, this fearsome monster plagued the north-west coast of Crete, falling upon unwary travellers and boxing their ears. The Yurb was eventually defeated by Hercules, who challenged it to a game of chess and then hit it with a rock when it wasn't looking.

Warwick The Nasty

Half-North American bull ant, half-unglazed roofing tile manufacturer, Warwick stalked the mainland of Norway and was the bane of young unwed maidens. He would steal up behind them and tap them on the shoulder, then pretend he hadn't done it. After a reign of terror that lasted several weeks, Warwick was mortally embarrassed by a maiden who didn't believe him, and told him so to his face.

The Scuttling Groab

Half-badger, half-partially-sighted grandmother, the Scuttling Groab frightened passers-by in the Welshpool area by leaping oot from hedges and signing Little Jimmy Osmond's more obscure compositions. The Scuttling Groab was eventually defeated by William Loppy who accidentally trod on it.


Cheat your way into Level One's secret room the YS way! As demonstrated by our intrepid hero, you simply stand on the top ledge of the screen beneath the locked gate, then jump left. You'll appear on the screen above, standing in mid-air. Jump left again and you pop up in that naughty old subterranean hideaway. Hottoddy!

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If confronted with a whopping great green dragon there are three things you can do! a) leg it, b) leap into some lava before it can eat you, or, c) lob a few cheese puffs at it and hope they fill it up.

Once the corpse was in place, Derek felt it added tremendously to the ambience of the room.

However as soon as Brad started demonstrating his early morning exercise routine he embeded his sabre in Derek's hand. Del never forgave him for this horrendous faux pas.