Rod J. Swift
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

Simon Cox, Ian Simmonds, Jon Warner
Chris Bourne

An arcade game with a Second World War scenario in which you must defend your plane against attack from enemy aircraft as you try to destroy ground targets.

Simon: Some of the best features of this game are the effects, which reproduce the sounds of the plane's engine, guns firing and bombs exploding. It also includes very smooth sprite graphics and well-defined aeroplanes. 7/10

Ian: This is really just another shoot-em-up game, but because this one features good old aeroplanes instead of aliens, it doesn't seem quite so unoriginal. Choice of colour is above average, as are the graphics and sound. 7/10

Jon: The well-defined graphics, superb choice of colour and very playable speed, make this an excellent game to both play and watch. 8/10