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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Okay, this time round you're piloting a Grumman Avenger, which is one of those chubby American WWII bombers, and your mission is to wipe out the Bismark - 'the most fearsome battle machine ever to haunt the seas' (apart from the time when Andy 'Street Hawk' Ounsted accidentally drive his Vespa off Skegness pier, that is). Luckily the ship has already been crippled by some Royal Navy biplanes, so all you've got to do is take off from the Ark Royal and finish it off. Simple really. Unfortunately, though, your plane seems to have a crew of one - you - so you've got to fly the plane, work the guns and do the engineery bits (like fiddling about with the engines) by flipping between a whole load of different screens. Luckily for Gremlin, the attack took place at night so the graphics are limited to the moon glistening off the sea and the enemy planes buzzing past the windows. This, along with the very restricted flying abilities of your plane, means that the game hasn't really go a lot to recommend it, apart from your bullets which look very nice whizzing off into the night. The flying parts are just a case of keeping on course to the Bismark, and the shooting parts are really just another Op Wolf thing. Not really a proper flight sim then, and not a massively enjoyable shoot-'em-up either. Shame about that. There's a nice pic on the box though.


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No, it's not the cockpit view according to Jackie. It's the, er, thing behind.