ESP [1]
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Ross Deciding the fate of the whole animal Kingdom is no easy task ... but as Noah, that's your lot! You've just three days to collect all 31 pairs of animals and return them to the Ark. And there are 256 screens to explore, so hunting down all the animals is a fairly daunting task!

Noah is played by a large five-by-three graphic; the cursor movement makes everything look a bit jerky, but it's perfectly adequate for a game of this type. On each screen are a number of fixed graphics (such as grass, water, fences or huts) all of which you have to manoeuvre around; the impending flood has understandably made Noah rather nervous of water! There's also a lump of food which must be eaten before you can move on to the next screen. Watch out for the lamp and key, as you'll need these to explore the caves and the area behind the Great Wall. And if you get lost, you can access a map of the whole playing area with your position marked on it.

The game features some very nice large graphics of animals, but overall I found the whole thing just a bit too repetitive and slow. 2/5

Dave I wish software houses would test their programs properly, in this one, the Kempston routine is back to front so that to go left you push right and vice versa. Not bad for keyboard players though ... 2/5

Roger It's so slow that even the most devout games disciples will be praying for a miracle to speed things up! 1/5

2/5 (Ross)
2/5 (Dave)
1/5 (Roger)