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The Power House
Grant Jaquest
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nat Pryce
Chris Bourne

Norman (as this game is called on the inlay), or Cubitoid (as it's called during the game), is claimed to be a "new concept" in computer games. (Where have I heard that before?) Power House has called it a plummet game, 'cos that's what you do - fall down several screens, trying to bump into and destory energy cubes and avoid the guardians who sap your life force. It doesn't sound like much of a new concept, does it? I must have typed in dozens of games like this from Sinclair programs when I first got my Spectrum.

As these games go, Norman/Cubitoid isn't that bad - it has some nice graphics and silly effects and noises, and is generally well presented and playable - it's just so un-addictive. Don't be fooled by all the "new concept" rubbish and the attractive screen shots. Norman is boring with a capital SH.