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Phipps Associates
David Nowotnik
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


IN KNIGHT'S QUEST, a graphics adventure for the 48K Spectrum, you can go boldly where no knight has gone before, The object is to find Merlin's lost treasure. On your way you will encounter scorpions and dragons, battle with elves and rescue a princess from the wicked Wizard of Trill.

The game has more than 120 locations and many are underground. A graphics representation of most of the locations is shown in one corner of the screen and the use of machine code to speed the game when transferring from one location to another is apparent. Knight's Quest is definitely a game for all who like dungeons and dragons adventures.

Phipps Associates, manufacturer of Knight's Quest, also has a 16K version of the Nowotnik Puzzle for the Spectrum. It is fully machine-coded and involves the player trying to out-think the computer in moving an shape round the playing board. The person, or machine, who cannot move the 'L' loses the game.

Both games are interesting. Knight's Quest is available for £5.95 and the Nowotnik Puzzle for £4.95. Both can be obtained from Phipps Associates, 99 East Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 1EA.

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