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Gem Software
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

You are in charge of a party of archaeologists exploring Egyptian tombs, Each tomb has five levels, and on each you will find treasure, a scroll, a key, a mummy of the royal family, and two guardians. As soon as you enter a tomb one of the guardians will be awakened and start chasing you. The other will remain dormant unless you are unlucky enough to uncover it.

Fortunately when you uncover the magic scroll, one of the guardians will be killed off. You can only exit a tomb once the key has been uncovered.

After completing all five tombs you move on to another five where the guardians are more cunning. The game resembles a grid/painter type in as much as the buried artifacts all lie within 20 squares. These are uncovered by taking 'your party' round all four sides of a square, whereupon the contents are made visible. Any guardian that has come to life and not been killed off with a scroll, will follow you onto the next level! Treasure houses, of which there are a few, are good for hiding in if you get into a tight corner.


'Redefinable control keys are essential in any program today. This one has them. There's a good use of colour with detailed graphics, continuous sound and good tunes. I found it well put together and addictive to play.'

'I wouldn't rate this as a marvellous game, but it isn't a poor one either. The graphics are well up to standard and there is a soothingly mesmerising quality in playing it. But I thought there wasn't enough danger element to make it completely riveting.'

'On the easy level it quickly becomes monotonous, but at the higher speed and difficulty levels it isn't easy to get through, since the guardians are more intelligent in their chasing. Good graphics and sound. Perhaps more fun than addictive.'

Keyboard positions: user-defined
Joystick options: cursor controllers via user-defined
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour: good
Graphics: good
Sound: good
Skill levels: fifteen
Lives: five

General Rating: Good - fun to play.


Screenshot Text

I want my Mummy!