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Automata UK Ltd
Andrew Stagg
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Simon Cox, Ian Simmonds, Jon Warner
Chris Bourne

You, as the Pi-Man, must compete in five events at the Olympics in an effort to win as many gold medals as you can.

Jon: Every screen in this totally original game is both colourful and clear, and the graphics are extremely well-defined and very smooth. Overall, a well thought-out and well representated game. 8/10

Simon: Four of the events in these games are amusingly called Pi Jump, Alpi Skiing, Steepichase and Butterpi — all of which resemble one another to some extent. But with smooth, flicker-free graphics, and contrasting colours, the game is still fun. 6/10

Ian: This one is fairly easy to play —only three keys are used —and the program responds quickly when they're pressed. But at times, the speed can be a little too fast, making success frustratingly difficult. 8/10