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Automata UK Ltd
Andrew Stagg
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


ANYONE concerned about the fate of the Pi-man will be relieved to hear that after the alcoholic excesses of Pi-eyed, he is now utterly reformed, even to the extent of entering for five events in the Olympic Games.

That, however, is probably the best piece of news about the latest game from Automata, Olympimania. Apart from the usual excellent graphics - the most spectacular sequence is the Olympic stadium with its rostrum and wildly waving crowds - the game has a limited amount to offer in the way of entertainment. The five events - Pi- jump, Alpi skiing, Pitathlon and so on - are all similar, with a series of obstacles to jump and some unlikely hazards to overcome, such as rival competitors who dig holes beneath the Pi-man, or fish and alligators in the case of the swimming event.

In all the events, it is extremely difficult to win a bronze medal, let alone a gold, and as a result the interest soon palls in spite of the amusing graphics. The reverse side of the tape, true to Automata traditions, has a pop music track, described as a choral extravaganza of the Piland International Anthem. The kindest thing to be said about it is that by comparison it places its companion game in a favourable light.

Memory: 48K
Price £6