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Mastertronic Ltd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

Steve Malone
Chris Bourne

Fancy a job as an intergalactic shepherd? - this is your game. Just round up the Ramboids and drive them into a teleport. But you've only got twenty minutes to complete this tricky task. As you probably know, Rambos, sorry! Ramboids - are particularly stupid animals and you'll need megapersuasion to make them behave. Old hands at Mastertronic games will know that the plot often bears little resemblance to the surreal puzzle that sits on your TV screen, but, heck, they're great fun.

For starters your droid has to struggle through a horde of advancing Ramboids. It's a bit like driving the wrong way down a rush hour one-way street! Any flush of success from scrapping your way to the teleport chamber is soon dissipated by the mediocrity of making the crittur behave. Only for those with a quiet temperament.