Andrew J. Glaister
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Softek, 16K £5.95
Formerly named Joust, Softek for some reason, changed its name. There's a lot of the 'You're the sole surviving White Knight. Guardian, of the Lore, etc' on the inlay blurb, but basically you're on this Ostron thing (electronic ostrich) and the enemy are variously-coloured buzzard thingies. There are several floating platforms on which you can land before rising to the occasion by flapping your wings and attacking the enemy. When you meet, face to face, the one's who's highest wins. First buzzards are pretty daft and easy, but later ones become fiendish in their attempts to get you. All in all a very enjoyable game, with good graphics and sound. Don't hit the water - you drown. 100 percent machine code, joystick: Kempston. Good value.