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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Dave Packer
Chris Bourne

Supplier: Imagine
Version Tested: Spectrum

In this arcade conversion you play the part of Athena - not the goddess, but a fearsome Oriental princess. It is your goal to seek out and dismember the Dark Overlord, who has transported you to his realm for a bit of sport. The realm consists of six worlds, each of which you must battle through before you can face the Overlord.

You have five minutes to complete each of the worlds, each of which takes the form of a multi-level horizontally scrolling landscape with more than a hint of maze about them. Every world has two exits, one guarded by a powerful monster, the other unguarded but usually very difficult to find.

The worlds are filled with a variety of assailants from hooded monks to small potato-like creatures. Contact with any of these will drain your energy - in most cases, very quickly indeed. At the start of the game Athena can only attack by kicking, but after killing a few foes you should discover a cudgel, which Athena can then use to smash her way through rocks and opponents. Hidden inside some of the rocks are special icons which can grant anything from new weapons and armour to winged boots that provide extra height when jumping.

Athena is spoiled by your extremely short life-expectancy. The sheer frequency, number and speed of creatures attacking you means that even when clad in armour and carrying a powerful weapon your life won't last long.

With its well-defined graphics and competent sound this game could have been very addictive; it has animation and features that are potentially engrossing; but its virtually unplayable.

Reviewer: Dave Packer

Spectrum £7.95 cs, Out Now
Amstrad £8.95 cs, £14.95 dk, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 7/10
1 hour: 6/10
1 day: 5/10
1 week: 4/10
1 month: 3/10
1 year: 0/10

Not much colour but very nicely drawn.
An assortment of Spectrum beeps.
Maze-type puzzles must be solved.
Very frustrating.