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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Here's a controversial one. When I reviewed it in YS ages ago I thought it was quite good, while everyone else thought it was utter tosh. In fact, it's quite surprising that I'm still doing reviews today. So let's be diplomatic, and say that it's 'aged' quite a lot. The idea, as you'll know if you've seen the arcade version, is to drive along a series of roads getting to the end of each one within a time limit. Not too thrilling, you might think. But the success of the coin-op lay in its corkingly fast graphics and hydraulic cabinet, neither of which have made it to the Spectrum. It looks okay in stills, sure, but everything moves horribly slowly, especially when you go into one of the tunnel things. And the multiload really doesn't help at all. There are some nice 128K tunes though.

It's not quite as bad as most people said, just a bit of a let-down after the fabby coin-op. The sequel, Turbo OutRun, is a bit better, so take a gander at that instead.

Not Rated

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Right, now to find some groovy hitch-hiker chick to, er, pick up. (Hur hur.)