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Elite Systems Ltd
Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

This month's budget driving game is, would you believe a re-release. It's promoted as the first game to enable you to climb hills and drive down into valleys. And indeed it does. You can also shoot things and buy add—ons. It's even 'environmentally aware' - the plot's all to do with the ozone layer and our 'once green and beautiful planet'. What more could you want?

Otherwise, it's pretty much a standard driving game. It's all monochrome, of course, but the graphics are all very nice. Those hills and valleys undulate pretty effectively, motorbikes weave from side to side frantically before disappearing under your tyres and there are some quite fetching backgrounds. It's a bit like Enduro Racer with twice the number of wheels (and things to shoot). But it's not quite as playable as the old biking classic - the controls don't seem to respond quite as realistically, and the skidding-round corners is a bit questionable. Oh, and the shooting can be a little haphazzard. But it's nothing to worry about.

If you're wanting to add a driving game to your collection, and can't quite stretch to a copy of Chase HQ, Overlander is a lot better than most purpose-built budget efforts.


Screenshot Text

"Riding along in my (catalytic converted) automobile, dee-dum dee-dum dee-dum..."