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Elite Systems Ltd
Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

It is 2025, and the whole planet resembles Death Valley: the ground is scorched, and everywhere is bone dry. What's the cause? The Ozone Layer of course. You were all warned not to keep spraying C.F.C.s all over yourself but took no notice. Now the people of Earth are forced to live in vast underground cities: the only communication between them is via the Overlanders - brave people who drive their customised cars down the roasting freeways.

I remember reviewing this when it first came out around the same time as lots of other car games in a similar style, like Road Blasters for example. The simulation of the car's movement in Ovelander is pretty good. The ground goes up and down smoothly, and well placed corners keep you on your toes. The actual car sprite also tilts up and down depending on the gradient of the hill coming up.

The presentation is really slick. Detailed graphics make up the wastelands, with such delights as overturned, burnt out cars and dead trees littering the roads. Sound isn't bad either with good special FX and an average tune on the tide screen.

Overlander is a fun car game to keep all speed freaks busy for some time. If you missed it first time around, take a peek now.