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Code Masters Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Poor old Dizzy, he doesn't get much rest these days, does he? Especially now he's taken on a job at the toy factory, just around the corner from Magicland! The little egg has got to work pretty hard if he's to get the toys off on time.

Most factory jobs can get very boring but Dizzy won't be nodding off just yet. Using a little lever he has to control a conveyor belt with holes in it. Different shapes fall from the four pipes at the top of the screen and Diz has to guide them into the corresponding holes.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, it's not. The pipes gradually move down the screen and the shapes start tailing faster and faster until you end up in a right PANIC! You can make the pipes move back up by being clever with your lever (that doesn't rhyme -Ed) and pocketing three shapes at once; it you're ultra skill you might get four shapes in at once and be rewarded with a toy!

Panic Dizzy has 20 levels of manic action for you to enjoy and any of them can be selected from the menu screen. Don't be tempted to jump in at the deep end and start at level 20, though, lots of practice is the only way to survive past the first three! Panic Dizzy is another great Dizzy arcade game following in the footsteps of Kwik Snax and Fast Food, and it's great to see a really addictive puzzle game available for such a barg-price!



Screenshot Text

There's Dizzy in the middle, through him you control the scrolling belt at the bottom.

When the pipes are getting dangerously low there's little chance of getting any shape into the correct hole.