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MC Lothlorien Ltd
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Angus Ryall
Chris Bourne

I've not had many kind words to say about Lothlorien in the past, so I would not have minded being able to say something nice about them now. Sadly, I can't. This is a game based on the Battle of the Bulge in 1944 - you have to prevent the Germans from capturing your fuel dumps, and thus moving on to capture Antwerp. The game kicks off with twelve text screens of how to play the game, what really happened, etc. The map that comes up is a 'true' geographical representation of the Ardennes; in the usual wargame fashion it operates not with cursor, but with map references to define objective points. I wish people would stop using these map reference things -- they are imprecise, hard on the eyes, and generally make games look old-fashioned and cruddy, like Battleships or something. Having said that, the map in Panzer Attack is definitely better than their usual standard: but it's still next to impossible to see what is going on. There are some nice touches in the game, the fact that the intelligence that you receive is not always correct; but there are also some horrible touches, such as the way the reports come up going beep beep bip bip beep like Morse Code.

To sum up, Panzer Attack gave me a headache, but then since I've been demonstrating computer games non-stop for a week, it's not at all surprising.


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