Zeppelin Games Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

We all know what a tough bunch of so and so's paratroopers are, but Para Assault Course may go some way to explaining why.

Most assault courses are pretty gruelling, as is the one in this game. Walls, ramps, death slides and barbed wire netting, etc, all conspire against the player as he leaps, crawls and swings his way to the end of each section.

And yes, this is a joystick waggling game, so the poor old player often gets as much exercise as the character he is controlling. Play this for too long and your arm will feel as if it's been sat on by a large gorilla!

But, as with most of these Combat School style games, if you have built your arm muscles up to the proportions of Arnie Schwarzenegger, it's up and at 'em to beat that clock.