MC Lothlorien Ltd
Not Known
Tactical Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: MC Lothlorien, 48K £5.50
If you enjoyed 'Redweed' or 'Johnny Reb' then you will find Paras a suitable follow up. The object is to bring the war to a swift close by destroying the enemy's line of communication - a bridge. To do this your 15 men are dropped behind enemy lines. They may be equipped with 5 different weapons and an unlimited number of grenades. As in the previous war games each man may be moved according to a strict table of squares allowed, and then allowed to fire before the enemy get their turn. Unlike the 2 previous titles, Pares has far more complexities built in and will provide endless fun for war game addicts. Bright graphics, but many symbols to digest - Good instructions enclosed on a leaflet.