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Dominic Wood
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Passey, Matthew Uffindell
Chris Bourne

With this game, the title screen provides you with two pictures, one for the game itself and another, which is an advert for Tutankhamun - a bit like being in the cinema! On playing the game I found I had difficulty moving ice blocks with the keyboard. When I changed to my trusty Kempston I found I could by using the fire button. The game's graphics are okay but a little flickery and the sound, whilst well used, is nothing special. This game is enjoyable but I preferred Freez'Bees to it. Pengy himself seems to resemble a fat Dracula! One thing to bear in mind in discussing the merits of Pengy is that it is in 16K - the only one.

The loading time (with its advertisement screen feature) is very short - great. You are a very ghostly looking penguin, out to squash spongy looking intelligent creatures - well, almost intelligent, actually they're pretty thick, but every screen completed adds another snow bee to the game. Movement of snow bees penguin and ice blocks is smooth and fast. The keys are responsive and well positioned. Each time the fence is electrified the border changes colour, so you can see that the fence is definitely electrified. There are four differently coloured ice blocks which can't be pushed together (they can't be melted) for bonus points. An average Pengo but in 16K