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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Chris Bourne

Amstrad, C64 and Spectrum: £1.99

Based on the Atari coin-op of the same name, Peter Pack Rat is a jolly little collect-em-up where the tubby rodent is charged with collecting goodies and taking them back to his den within a time limit. The junkyard-style backdrop is littered with obstacles, including ladders, pipes and slides which Pete has to negotiate, and is also home to a selection of creatures intent upon interfering with the hero's progress.

While the Amstrad and Spectrum versions are identical, with a detailed monochrome display, the C64 profits from a multicolour backdrop and smoother and faster gameplay. Amstrad and Sinclair users might think twice about the purchase, but 64 owners should enjoy the action on offer.


Screenshot Text

Spectrum - Could that be a Mountain Bike in the junkyard?