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Icon Design Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tony Dillon
Chris Bourne

Hello. Do you know me? Whoops, sorry, wrong sportsman. The infamous Dingo Primadonna strikes again. In this - yet another BB re-release, you get to be him-of-the-holy-hands Peter Shilton. But wait. Before you get all over excited, there's more. You get to save five penalty shoots taken at you by assorted players, some of whom have some pretty astounding tactics. I didn't know for example you could curve a ball backwards through 270 degrees. The Diego disease perhaps? Another famous person tie-in to disappoint the unwary millions.

Label: Bug Byte
Author: Icon
Price: £1.99
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Tony Dillon

Tedious football game that badly tries to cash in on Diego Madonna's publicity, miss at all costs.