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Icon Design Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Luke C
Chris Bourne

Gordon Bennett, another football simulation! England goalkeeper Peter Shilton is the name behind this one and not surprisingly it's all about goalkeeping.

First you have the opportunity to hone your skillsin a lengthy practice session against an interesting variety of attacks. Then you can try your luck in a real game, perhaps something as exciting as Wigan Athletic vs Crewe Alexandra. Finally, when you've started saving even the wriggliest banana shots with relative ease, you can upgrade your skills and continue at a higher level.

Trouble is, that's it. There's no more to the game. You just carry on saving shots (or in my letting 'em in) all the way up through 16 skill levels. The games you play don't seem to mean anything very much - there's no League or Cup competition, just a succession of what seem to be 'friendlies'.

But its not a total disaster. The graphics are quite jolly, and the attacks on goal (watch out for snipers) vary much more than you'd expect. And on higher levels the opposing forwards get much faster and more skilful, even if they do still play for Crewe Alexandra. Nevertheless, Ptei Shilton's Handball Maradona (for some reason, the title has nothing whatsoever to do with the game) compares poorly with the hundreds of other football simulations out at the moment. Though the idea is nice, and the execution presumably faithful to Shilton's instructions, the gameplay is just not gripping enough to prevent the attention wandering and the hand moving closer to the reset button. All you do is develop a (fairly pointless) skill without any opportunity to use it. And unless that turns you on, the game probably won't .