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Ocean Software Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Richard Monteiro
Chris Bourne

Evil evasion with Ocean.

Philanthropic you may be, but there's no place for it in the Phantom Club, the sequel to the highly original Movie. In the guise of a lowly Zelator (beginner), you must travel through a staggering 550 3D locations ridding the Clubs headquarters of evil, completing tasks and slowly climbing the ladder to Ipsisimus - overlord status with ample power to defeat the nefarious Zarg.

Thankfully, the icon-control system which featured heavily in Movie has disappeared. In fact, almost the whole screen is devoted to the graphically-pleasing artifacts of the Club. You, Plutus, begin with five reincarnations. full energy and Brainstorm (your fire power). The start room, and every location thereafter, is littered with objects - some good, some bad, some purely for decoration. To determine which is which will take considerable time.

Completing missions entails locating and killing a character. When you achieve Ipsisimus (level 10) you get to do battle with Zarg himself. However, a task is only set if you've attained the correct rank and have 40,000 points under your belt.

Points are gained by blasting the bizarre animated objects. When Zarg's minions are shot they don't disappear; some characters freeze, others spin, the really nasty ones mutate.

Phantom Club is going to keep you locked to the screen for a long while. Neat graphics, pleasing introductory music and plenty for the hardened arcade adventurer to explore and blow away

Reviewer: Richard Monteiro

C64/128, £8.95cs, £12.95dk, Jan 88
Spectrum, £7.95cs, Out Now
Ams, £8.95cs, £14.95dk, Jan 88

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 80/100
1 hour: 90/100
1 day: 80/100
1 week: 60/100
1 month: 55/100
1 year: 38/100

Lots of fun - but the puzzles mean you'll have to stick at it for some time.


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This is a big game and is definitely one for the mappers and puzzlers. And if you didn't like Movie it's unlikely to grab you. Graphics are not terribly colourful, but are very detailed. It's very playable and will keep you at it for some time.

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Prepare to meet the levitating Buddha - it'll take quite a few shots to send him back to Nirvana.