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Rob Jones
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Blaby, 48K £5.50
Author Rob Jones
The hero, Percy, is a little IC chip who has become unplugged from his socket. You must guide him through the maze of circuitry inside 'Uncle Clive's' computer and plug him in again. There are two keys to find which, when used in the correct door, will unlock them, but they must be done in the right order. The maze is full of resistors, diodes and capacitors which are chasing Percy, and his energy, which starts at 1200 units, runs down very quickly. To add to his problems, the walls of the maze are electrified. The only weapon is an energy beam which fires in the direction of movement. Only a small part of the total playing area is visible on screen. Good graphics and smooth compiled movement. Auto start and cursor contgrol keys are a slight drawback. CRASH rating: a worthy maze game if not quite up to Blaby's addictive standards. Overall 63% compiled M/C.