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Contrast Software
Keith Berry
Gambling: Games
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


CONTRAST Software has produced a tape for the 48K Spectrum called Pontoon which has little to commend it to an one who has played the original card game.

Without real-life opponents you can bluff and stakes with which to gamble, whether cash or matchsticks, this simple game loses much of its attraction.

The Contrast version does not have the presentation to compensate for the deficiencies of the computer as a medium for playing pontoon. Although the responses are fast, the cards are too small to make an interesting screen and it is not possible to bet more than a single-digit number, so that even if you want to do so you cannot gamble your entire wealth on the turn of a single card.

The tape also includes computer versions of Cribbage and Mastermind, with simple screen instructions which are difficult to follow if you have never played either game. It is also a pity that there is no menu option at the start of the tape, so that you have to load each game separately.

Pontoon is available from Contrast Software, Farnham Road, West Lisa, Hampshire GU33 6JU and costs £4.95.

Not Rated