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Again Again
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Not being nasty or anything, but Australians must be pretty crap if they think this game's anything like the sport we all know (and love) as football. Unless that bit's a red herring of course. You see, in truth the game is far more like rugby (it's played with a funny shaped ball for a start) except with one factor missing - the rules.

Anyway, the chances of converting the shrieks and pains of the real thing to the Spec seemed pretty unlikely, and. alas, I was right (for once) as I reviewed it ages ago as a full pricer. It plays pretty much the same as your average footie game - you control the player nearest to the ball and run up and down the pitch, passing it along the way (although annoyingly you don't know whether there'll be anyone there to catch it). And the problems don't end there. Oh, by jove, no. It's hard to see where things are (the ball for example), your players move jerkily around and to be honest, it's rather hard to tell what's going on. And there's no 2- player option either (which is usually when these things are best). It's not a total disaster (it's undoubtedly the best rugby type game to date) but it just goes to prove that, until someone else proves otherwise, these sorts of game just don't seem to work half as well as footie ones.


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Here we see our friendly Australian No Rule players warming up on the village green.