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Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

In Auto Chef you become Managing Director of a restaurant chain. The object of this simulation is to quickly Increase your £1 million capital to £25 million and take over Trust House Forte!

You can up business information onscreen, ranging from a balance sheet to a bar chart summarising a survey of customers' eating habits.

And you have to remember there's a greater gross profit percentage on restaurants and cafeterias than on fast-food outlets and takeaways.

Menu prices, too, must be considered - but if prices are too high, customers will be lost.

Bulk purchase of food and wine, advertising costs, wages, fixtures and fittings... all these have to be taken into account, and all the time you need to keep the shareholders happy or they'll force you to resign!

Keyboard play: fast, with simple control keys
Graphics: clear bar charts and histograms, but limited colour


General Rating: For business studies students, excellent practice in reading accounts and balance sheets.

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