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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts, Lucy Hickman
Chris Bourne


Imagine a cuddly springer spaniel standing on its hind legs, speaking in an upper-class English accent. Now what does that remind you of? The nightmare you had last night? Getting drunk down the local disco? Nope, it should remind of this squillerilliant Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, Potsworth!

In real life he's just the family pet and friend to a bunch of kids: Rosie, Nick, Carter and Keiko. But when they go to sleep they become the Midnight Patrol and all enter the Dream Zone to become super human (dee-dee dah-dah, dee-dee dahdah...)!

To stay in the Dream Zone the Grand Dozer must be asleep, a fact the evil Nightmare Prince is only too aware of. He tries anything in his power to wake up the snoozing bloke and it's the Midnight Patrol's job to find the Potion of Slumberand stop him.

The powers held by each character correspond to their characteristics in real life. Rosey's a bit of a loud mouth so she stuns the nasties by shouting at them. Nick's a big fan of comic book superheroes so he becomes Super Duper Man. Carter's a great artist so anything he draws comes to life, and Kelio, a skateboard freak, rides the only flying 'board in existence! Between them - and Postworth, of course - they have to battle against Midnight Prince's minions in six zones of arcade mayhem.

odn gamezone has a style to suit its player character. The Cave, Super, Candy, Rainbow and Carnival Zones are packed with brilliant touches that keep you addicted for ages.

Remote switches control lifts, Conveyor dodgems, pirate ship and log flume, they're all packed in - it's the nearest thing to visiting a theme perk without leaving the house!

You collect certain objects from each zone to keep the Dozer asleep. You can guarantee some of them are hidden away in some far-reaching corner of the vast zones so you have to work hard at finding them.

Touching any of the horrible things out to munch our heroes causes an energy bar to drop. Toy robots, pigmy bats, nosey parkers, chocolate mice, wellington men, hot dogs and mutant candy floss are just some of the monsters inhabiting the zones.

If the energy reaches zero, guess whet happens? Yup, the character loses a life, but luckily restarts where they left off.

A feature you don't see very often on the Speccy these days is a continue option. This is available several times before the Midnight Patrol has to start from the beginning again so should reduce the frustration many game's high difficulty produces.

Visual Impact have done a great job in programming our pouchy pal (complete with marrowbone!). Each zone has something new to offer, In terms of both graphics and playability.

The backgrounds and sprites have all been painstakingly converted from the cartoons and look great. Fans of the series certainly won't be disappointed with the results.

Unfortunately, Potsworth's a multi-load, each level loaded separately. All the levels are stored on one side of the tape, though, so it's less confusing than many multi-loads I've come across.

Potsworth & Co Is another excellent cartoon series from H-B and it's been converted into a fan-dabby-dozy game you can't afford to miss - especially as it's on the new Premier label at only £6.99!

NICK … 91%


'Dogs get a raw deal, don't they?? Cigarette butts are 'dog ends', if you're having a bad time it's a 'dog's life', if you're selfish you're a 'dog in a manger'. The list is endless. Fortunately for Potsworth, he's probably the most cosetted canine this side of the equator, and as for the computer game, well, we're talking doggy treats galore. Bearing in mind I'm a Sonic freak (I'd take him home and have his babies given half the chance) and this could be called the Speccy version of said small prickly creature, need I say morel Yes? Okay. I like it. The sprites are all very detailed and instantly recognisable from the cartoon. Each level's totally different from the last and the gameplay keeps getting better and better from level to level. The first zone looks a bit budgety but later levels are quality stuff which would be well worth the £10.99 many software houses charge for abysmal full-pricers. Hi-Tec should be well proud of themselves for turning Potsworth & Co out for £8.99 and if the rest of their Premier range is as good as this, they're onto a winner.' LUCY ... 89%

A fun, addictive conversion of the blockbusting cartoon.


Banner Text


They say dogs are man's best friend, I really can't agree,

'Cause all they do is bark a lot, and sick and poo and wee.

Why do dogs like lamp posts, and cock their legs up trees?

And do their business in the park, while you stand and freeze?

My next-door neighbour's got a pooch, a Rotweiller called Len,

He ate our local postman, Bill, then spat him out again!

We've got a small Jack Russell, it's really rather dim,

It lay upon the hearth rug and Mother hoovered him!

The other week our dog was ill, we gave him a Bob Martin,

It didn't work, to say the least, he spent the day just fartin'!

Dogs like going welkin, eating Pal and Bounce and Chum,

Chasing cars and sniffing groins and licking round their bum!

No doubt that dogs are not the same, all different shapes and sizes,

At Crufts you see a ball of fluff walk off with all the prizes!

But here's a Spectrum doggie and a Smash, it's great, you know,

A proper little corker, it's called Potsworth and Co!


There's nothing a dog likes better than chasing cats and postmen, except perhaps having a good crap.

Having had said crap, they deliberately leave It where some unsuspecting cretin can walk in it.

The reason dogs lick themselves is simply because they can!

Never become good friends with a dog because they always want to sniff your bum and it's very unhygienic!

It's a well known fad that dogs look like their owners. But then Nick has a poodle at home so that can't be true - can it!?

Did you know dogs only see in black and white? They couldn't afford the colour licence!

Most dog owners spend hours chatting to their 'friends'. This is a bit silly, really, as most dogs are as thick as two short planks!

Dogs very rarely get into the pop charts, although Pet Shop Boys did write a song called 'I Want A Dog' a few years back.

Dogs piddle on lamp posts 'cos they know the post won't do it back.

Screenshot Text

The final zone and a bit of a problem. Should you get a hot dog or ride the Waltzer?

Arrgh! The girly has missed the cable car and is heading for a 'Visual Impact' with those spikes!

Those magnificent men on their flying girders, or is it Sonic?

It's the girly with the big mouth, but then haven't they all? Oops, I didn't say that missus.

Light and fluffy clouds are great for bouncing on, but make sure you wipe your feet afterwards or your mum will tell you off.