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John F. Cain
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Rabbit, 48K £5.99(2)
Author: J F Cain
This is a pretty classic version of 'Armidar' - a paint the squares game. The screen is divided into 24 rectangles of 3 different areas, each accorded a score of 100, 300 or 500 points. You must walk your monkey around the perimeter of the squares (a grid of dotted lines) until each square has been completed (the walked lines become solid). As each square is completed it's filled in with colour and you get the points. There is a bonus second screen - guide a teddy down various poles to land on a banana, then the third screen is similar to the first except you are a paint roller and there is a time limit which is eating the squares' points away. Of course all this is done to the tune of thudding chasers' footfalls, who are out to get you. It's a fair copy with reasonable graphics, although the game type doesn't lend itself to good looking screens really. Cursors or user-definable keys, joystick: AGF or Protek, poor sound, progressive difficulty, average but reasonably addictive. CRASH overall rating 60% m/c.