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E&J Software
Alan J. Clayton
Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Timothy Noonan
Chris Bourne

Premier II Superleague is a tactical management game where you fight (not in the Brian Clough sense) to build a successful championship side in a footballing world where there's only room for winners, otherwise you're in for a stroll down the job centre if results don't meet with the board's approval.

You arrive at Mega Buck United to inspect your squad of ultra talented footballers, about to embark on a thirty match marathon to glory and the league title.

Now installed in the hot seat you have the option of either delving into the transfer market in search of the vital player whose talents will provide that match day winner; or sell off that donkey in the squad.

Before each game you are shown your squad list to make a team selection. This shows form of players and whether they are suffering from knocks or injuries. You then choose a team plus substitutes for the big match. Next you are given your opponents name and their footballing strengths and skills compared with your side.

The actual match consists of a pitch graphic which will flash up the word 'shoot' when either of the teams attack and 'goal' when the ball hits the back of the net. Each half on screen lasts 45 seconds. At half and full-time, scores from the other league matches appear so you can see how your rivals for the title are playing. During half-time and in the second half you get the chance to bring on one of your substitutes for that extra little flourish required to bring home the points.

At the end of each match you are shown the game attendance, game receipts and how much is paid in club wages.

Now, depending on your bank balance you can explore the transfer-market and make bids for players (Terry Venables is particularly bad at this!!!). If you don't have the wedge available you can sell off one of your players to raise the capital.

Alternatively you can see your friendly bank manager for a loan or blag a post office van!! A useful tip - don't buy anyone called Trevor Aylott!

Premier II Superleague is an enjoyable foray into league management (I didn't get sacked). Perhaps better match graphics for the footy game would have helped. For the outlay of £1.99 though, it's blinding value.

Label: E&J SOftware
Author: In-house
Price: £1.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: None
Reviewer: Timothy Noonan

Even Ron Atkinson could keep a job playing this.


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Watch out for the graveyard near Anfield (Liverpool's ground), they'll nick everything from your watch and wallet to your boxer shorts!

The flats around Millwall are definitely off limits to all Northerners!

The toilets at Aston Villa are worth avoiding. When travelling away it is always a good idea to bring your own toilet paper! Anyway it's always multi-functional at football matches.

Invading the pitch at Nottingham Forest can be very unhealthy P.S. I think Brian Clough is a very nice man.