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Kevin J.M. Toms
Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tony Lee
Chris Bourne

Okay, hands up who wants to be President? No-one! Come on now - all that power, all that money! Hah, I thought you'd change your mind. Well, now's your chance in this new Addictive game.

You have twenty-four months until the next election. In that time you have to feed the populace, stop any epidemics, fight the neighbouring countries and drill for oil (I bet he drinks Carling Black Label). The games mostly text, but there are some graphics sections that show your crops, oil and the current battle situation. It's best to build up your army at the beginning of your term of office, then use the vote catching tactics, such as planting crops for food, at the end. Other things you can do include selling oil to other countries to build up your Swiss Bank accou... oops! I mean, build up your country's wealth. At the end of every month your neighbours send in their assessments of you, and chores an opinion poll among your own people, so that you can see how you're doing in the popularity stakes. That won't be too well if you're anything like me - I was starving the people by destroying their crops, and all so that I could build lots of lovely tanks. Tee hee!

I thought President was a great game. Definitely an ego-trip, as you decide whether to be a kind President with a heart of gold, or a tyrannical sadistic psychopath that eats little children for breakfast. Me, I prefer the latter - much more fun than three Shredded Wheat!