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Stephen Preston
Stephen Preston
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

Are the Welsh taking over from the Scottish in these adventure pages? Last of this month's bumper bundle is an adventure based on the TV series The Prisoner, from the episode entitled The Girl Who Was Death. Hope the author's got copyright permission to do it. This one's £5.50 from Stephen Preston at 5 Ty Mawr Estate, Priory Lane, Holyhead, Gwynedd LL65 2DN, and this time I reckon it's worth the asking price.

The story involves Professor Schnipps, the crazy scientist, who has spent the last 26 years building a super-rocket to destroy London. He obviously doesn't believe in rushing things, and I believe he's now in charge of sending out the cheques from YS! (He was sacked for being too prompt. Ed.) Be that as it may, you've got to stop him and also watch out for his tall blond daughter. I certainly will, thank you very much. Oh, it seems this is the one know as the girl of death. Maybe she's not my type after all.

You begin in a cricket field holding a bomb disguised as a cricket ball, and with one fairly obvious command to enter before you become not so much an adventure game, more a jigsaw puzzle. Down in town, Benny's Turkish baths are closed, and a hanky with a message written on it promises a rendezvous at the local hostelry, whose beer sadly cannot be recommended. Neither does Doris the barmaid fancy you, while in the fairground there isn't even a boat to take you into the tunnel-of-love. Oh woe is me, the hapless adventurer. And Number Two no doubt watching all the time, while Number Six plods on. Definitely not a plod of an adventure, though and I recommend you take a look.