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Arcade Software
Not Known
Arcade: Maze
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

The Prize is a variation on the maze theme. You have to control your spacecraft through the maze, collecting 'code pods' as you go. The pods are numbered and must be gathered in the correct order; reaching number five promotes you to the next level.

Those hitting the fourth level are asked to find the 'special code', photograph it, and send the evidence to Arcade Software. This entitles you to enter the competition that goes with the game. The competition has a prize (cunning title isn't it!) of £5000, but the catch is that the money will be divided between all the people who send in correct answers before January 1985.

On the game front The Prize is quite good, the maze is very large and your ship moves nice and smoothly. This is, however, really a game that will appeal more to cartographers than to shoot 'em up freaks. 2/5 MISS

Ross: A very colourful maze game with a large prize for the winner. The nasties aren't that clever, so only the overall size poses a problem. It loses its appeal very rapidly. 2/5 MISS

Roger: Being quite unable to imagine what five thousand folding green drink vouchers will look like stacked next to my keyboard and as I've never had that much wonga in my short and miserable life, I find it hard to imagine this game holding anybody's interest... 1/5 MISS